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Laser Quantum, formed in the 1990’s by three PhD students from the University of Manchester, has grown considerably over the past 20 years into a global company; recognised for the quality, reliability and the scientific advances it brings to the photonics market. Laser Quantum has gained success through its continued drive for improvement; insisting upon knowledge, passion and integrity from employees and reliability, worthiness and quality from its products. With employee numbers continuing to grow, Laser Quantum is ever-increasing its expertise. It has also expanded in terms of offices with facilities in the UK, California and Germany.

Some of the attributed success is down to Laser Quantum’s new product development and initiatives to support its customers’ requirements. With a full range of continuous wave lasers from wavelengths 473-1064nm, Laser Quantum is able to satisfy the market needs for both industrial and research communities. In addition to this, the acquisitions of Gigaoptics Gmbh and Venteon Laser Technology Gmbh have enabled Laser Quantum to bring together the principles of robust design and leading ultrafast technology, resulting in unique GHz laser technology and ultra-short, few-cycle pulses and amplification. The three companies independently developed lasers that simultaneously complement each other and address different applications. The Laser Quantum offices share a common vision for the products and services it provides to customers and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative laser technologies. Laser Quantum provide researchers with the tools they need to advance scientific knowledge and understanding, clinicians to safely perform medical treatments and manufacturers to improve the capabilities of their products.

Laser Quantum has a passion for the products and services it provides to customers, with the mission to become the premier global supplier of laser technology. Laser Quantum is determined to keep its core principles at the forefront of its success. It has achieved recognition through building unambiguous and sincere relationships with customers in order to deliver the laser solutions they seek. Part of the secret to Laser Quantum’s success is the fact that it always judges itself through the eyes of its customers and this is shown through the trust gained from customers.

What’s new

  • Venteon

    Product News: The venteon OPCPA, a global first!

    Products | 20 Apr 2015

    Laser Quantum are proud to introduce the venteon OPCPA femtosecond amplifier system,the first complete commercial OPCPA system worldwide!

  • Company logo

    Upcoming Exhibitions in April and May

    News | 8 Apr 2015

    Visit us at CLEO 2015 and SPIE.DSS

  • Hassp

    Introducing the HASSP-THz

    Products | 1 Apr 2015

    Laser Quantum present the new HASSP-THz, created to meet the demand in ultrafast time domain spectroscopy; a technique for monitoring sample activity on picosecond to nanosecond timescales.

  • Laser Quantum Ltd

    Torus SLM laser shows excellent spectral purity

    White papers | 3 Oct 2014

    The spectral purity of the torus 532 laser is shown to be 110 dB when measured with a Tandem Fabry-Perot interferometer, resulting in high resolution Brillouin scattering measurements in bulk materials.

  • Laser Quantum Ltd

    Shaping of light beams along curves in three dimensions

    White papers | 3 Oct 2014

    Researchers at the University Complutense Madrid (UCM) have recently presented a method for generating laser beams whose intensity and phase are prescribed along arbitrary 3 dimensional curves.

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