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Formed in the 1990s by PhD physicists from two different Research Groups, the University of Manchester, England and the University of Konstanz, Germany, Laser Quantum now brings together the knowledge, experience and technology in the manufacture of solid state lasers with the expertise and innovation of the femtosecond oscillator market of Gigaoptics GmbH.

The marriage of Laser Quantum Ltd and Gigaoptics GmbH in 2012 under the single entity ‘Laser Quantum’ brings together two companies that independently developed lasers that simultaneously complement each other and address different applications. The companies share a common vision for the products and services they provide to customers and we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative laser technologies that provide researchers with the tools they need to advance scientific knowledge and understanding, clinicians to safely perform medical treatments and manufacturers to improve the capabilities of their products.

What’s new

  • Laser Quantum Ltd

    Laser Quantum strengthens its position in the femtosecond laser market with the purchase of Venteon Laser Technologies GmbH

    News | 11 Sep 2014

    Laser Quantum is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Venteon Laser Technologies GmbH, a world leading manufacturer of few-cycle, ultra-short pulse lasers.

  • Figure 2 Basic THz generation principle of the Tera-SED emitters

    TERA-Sed Emitters

    White papers | 5 Nov 2013

    The Laser Quantum Tera-SED is a device emitting intense terahertz (THz) radiation after excitation with a femtosecond (fs) laser pulse. It converts the light from the optical regime into the THz regime with a conversion efficiency of up to 2 x 10-3.

  • Figure 1 Energy level scheme of the NV centre

    Superresolution microscopy reaches 14 nm

    White papers | 5 Nov 2013

    The past decade has seen a growing interest in nitrogen vacancy colour centres (NV-centres) in diamond as prominent candidates for solid state quantum bits, single photon sources and even ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors.

  • Figure 1 A comparison of two femtosecond pulses with the corresponding electric field oscillations

    Shortest CEP stabilised Ti:Sapphire pulse

    White papers | 5 Nov 2013

    Abstract: A dual-output, self-synchronised, CEP-stabilised Ti:sapphire oscillator is presented, with a pulse duration of 4.4fs and a CEP phase noise of < 100 mrad using a Finesse 6 Pure pump laser.

  • Figure 1 The CEP offset of a frequency comb

    CEO/CEP stabilisation of Ti:sapphire femtosecond lasers without AOM

    White papers | 5 Nov 2013

    The carrier-envelope offset frequency and phase of a Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser can be stabilized by directly feeding back to the output power of a 532 nm finesse pure 10 Watt pump laser with CEP feature.

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