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Well established in the laser and photonics markets, Laser Support Services can offer a wide range of products from optical tables, customised panels and interlocks to micro-positioners and shutters. Product ranges from STANDA and National Aperture for positioners supplement vacuum supplies from LEWVAC and safety equipment from EOPC, NOIR, Honeywell and Electrooptic, covering shutters, choppers , eyewear, and IR viewers. Working with Thermal Vision Research with thermal cameras and introducing new products from RedWave, Kimball Physics and others mean the range grows and changes according to customer need and project requests.  The custom-built panels and interlocks now available to secure safety in laboratories offer a cost-effective alternative to others in the market, bringing projects in on budget and with the customer need remaining the priority.

What’s new

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    Honeywell Laser-Gard Barrier System

    Products | 10 Jul 2018

    Exclusive to Laser Support Services, the innovate and customisable Honeywell Laser-Gard Barrier System provides protection from laser hazards within an experimental set-up on optical tables.

  • avaspec mini mk ii image


    Products | 17 Apr 2018

    The AvaSpec Mini (MK II) with CMOS inside is a small and powerful OEM Spectrometer now available from Laser Support Services Ltd.

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    HIKVISION 29 Megapixel Area Scan Cameras

    News | 16 Mar 2018

    Scorpion Vision showcase the HikVision Area Scan Camera. Brought to you by Laser Support Services Ltd.

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    Motion control demo session

    News | 16 Feb 2018

    An exclusive demonstration event with products from National Aperture Inc. as well as guest speaker from Standa.

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    Standa Faraday Cages

    News | 14 Feb 2018


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