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Leysop have been established for  around 20 years having evolved from the very successful and well regarded Electro-Optic Developments. Based in Basildon in Essex, we are the only UK manufacturer of electro-optic components. We have a highly skilled team of technicians who can make active and passive precision optical elements in most crystals and glasses.

What’s new

  • Temperature Controlled Electro-Optic Modulator for Raman Spectroscopy

    Temperature Controlled Electro-Optic Modulator for Raman Spectroscopy

    Products | 17 Sep 2014

    For many years, Leysop have been providing custom and bespoke electro-optic systems for special applications.

  • Leysop Ltd Faraday Optical Isolators

    Faraday Optical Isolators

    Products | 27 May 2014

    The Faraday effect causes a rotation of the plane of light polarization when a light beam passes through a material in the presence of an axial magnetic field. The effect is similar to that produced when a light ray passes through an optically active material such as quartz

  • Leysop Ltd Ultra-Fast Pockels Cell UPC

    Ultra-Fast Pockels Cell (UPC)

    Products | 27 May 2014

    For most normal applications such as Q-switching and laser beam modulation, the standard EM500 and EM500M ranges of longitudinal Pockels cells are very adequate. Rise-times achieveable with these devices can be easily obtained in the range of 500ps and upward with suitable electrical drive waveforms.

  • Leysop Ltd - Miniature Pockels Cells for Laser Q-Switching

    Miniature Pockels Cells for Laser Q-Switching

    News | 23 May 2014

    The compact Pockels cell models EM508M-EM512M have for many years satisfied the needs of our customers for smaller (compared to the EM500 range) Pockels cells for OEM applications. With size constraints becoming ever tighter, we have developed a smaller model still, the EM510C.