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LUMICKS brings to market revolutionary dynamic single-molecule technologies that enable—for the first time—visualization of molecular interactions and acoustic manipulation of biomolecules. These breakthroughs are allowing scientists to understand and visualize complex biological processes occurring at the molecular level, providing unparalleled insights into the fundamental cause of disease and potential for drug optimization.

LUMICKS’ ready-to-use instrumentation enables the detailed investigation of DNA–protein interactions, molecular motor activity and protein folding to address different scientific questions.

Current single-molecule techniques allow scientists to achieve only partial understanding of complex biological processes. With LUMICKS’ ground-breaking optical tweezers–fluorescence microscopy, scientists are now able to visualize and measure mechanical properties of biomolecular complexes in real time, revealing the complete picture. Manipulation, force measurements and visualization of these complexes, for example DNA-protein interactions, are performed simultaneously, which allows correlation of mechanical properties to the number, location and conformational state of proteins bound to DNA.


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