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ESR Spectrometer – Adani CMS 8400

The ESR Spectrometer CMS 8400 from Adani is compact and automatically controlled and ideal instrument for performing most of the traditional research and application-oriented tasks in physical, chemical and biological sciences and other domains of science and technology.

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It can also be used for doing express-analysis of paramagnetic substances directly in the factory, laboratory, field and clinical environments and for training purposes.

The ESR Spectrometer instrument’s high sensitivity and resolution can only be bettered by systems many times its price and size. The main design feature is it’s compact electromagnet and microwave bridge. The instrument’s rugged design, low power consumption, and ability to operate in the absence of water line sallow it to be moved around easily and this opens up many operational opportunities for testing. Its automated features will be appreciated by both novice and experienced users alike.

ESR Spectrometer design Features

  • Portable, lightweight table-top unit
  • Full computer controlled ESR Spectrometer model with a new built-in magnetic field  and frequency control system requires minimal user training
  • Automatic a self adjustment when ever the sample is changed
  • Micromolar sensitivity
  • Trouble free service and easy maintenance

ESR Spectrometer System

Microwave Bridge. A reliable solid-state Gunn oscillator, operating at approximately 9.6 GHz, is the heart of the microwave bridge used in the 8400. It provides extremely stable frequency and power output. A circulator provides good isolation and low signal loss, and the use of a reference arm allows for balanced detection, enhancing overall system sensitivity. The output frequency, phase, and bias are automatically adjusted whenever the sample is changed.

Microwave Cavity. The 8400 uses a rectangular TE102 cavity with a center frequency of approximately  9.6 GHz and an unloaded 0 of 5,000. Its variable iris aperture matches a wide range of sample holders and dewars, with a maximum diameter of 7.5 mm. Critical coupling of the cavity is accomplished automatically  by way of the motor driven iris. Magnetic field in the cavity may be modulated up to 10 Gauss peak-to-peak at 100kHz.

Lock-in Amplifier. A Lock-in Amplifier operates at 100 kHz and performs the signal processing function for the 8400. The initial amplification and impedance matching between the microwave detector and the lock-in amplifier is provided by a fixed gain preamplifier in the 8400′s microwave bridge. Gain, phase, and time constant are all controlled by means of the data acquisition software. Signal averaging can also be used to improve the signal to noise ratio for very weak signals.

Field Controller. The Field Controller sets and maintains the level of magnetic field applied to the sample. Field center point, scan width, and scan duration are all set from the external computer. A Hall-effect probe mounted between the pole pieces maintains the field at the required level.

Electromagnet. The electromagnet supplied with the 8400 system features three-inch diameter pole caps which provide a field of up to 7,000 Gauss. The pole caps are shimmed to provide a homogenous field over the entire sample area of the cavity. The reduced magnet gap of 1 cm results in homogeneity   equal to a 4 inch or larger magnet.


Data acquisition for CMS 8400 is based upon intuitive drop down menus. User selections are highlighted in the menu toolbox, and dialog boxes appear whenever a keyboard entry is required. Careful consideration was given in the design of the user interface in order to provide an environment which is easy to learn, yet powerful enough for an experienced user.

ESR Spectrometer Software Features:

  • ESR Spectrometer automatic control
  • Base line correction
  • Spectrum fragmentation
  • Detection of line spectrum parameters
  • Integration and differentiation
  • ASCII exchange possibility
  • Remote access using different network interfaces (LAN, Bluetooth)
  • Operation  as EPR analyzer  with  special applied methods
  • External accessories control (auto sampler, pump, etc.)

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