Extrel debuts Max300-CAT real-time gas analyzer at Pittcon 2017

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 27, 2017 - Extrel will be exhibiting at the 2017 PITTCON conference in Chicago, March 5th - 9th, booth 3917. The conference will act as the platform for the debut of Extrel’s newest laboratory gas analyzer, the MAX300-CAT.

Debuting at Pittcon 2017, the MAX300-CAT is the newest addition to the Extrel family of laboratory mass spectrometers. This powerful quadrupole system performs high-precision quantitative analysis of every component in a gas or vapor mixture, and can be equipped for the fully automated sampling of up to 16 gas channels. With the ability to track concentration changes from ppb levels to 100 percent and continuous data updates in seconds, the CAT provides a compact, flexible platform optimized for gas reaction studies in catalysis, bioreactor control, process development and environmental analysis.

The Questor5 control software is easy to use, and can instantly calculate derived values from acquired data. The inclusion of a wide range of communication protocols allows for seamless integration with benchtop reactors, thermal analyzers or other lab equipment. 

“It’s the debut of our new gas analyzer, the MAX300-CAT, and we’re giving away a 3D printer in the booth, along with a bunch of other prizes. Pittcon’s going to be very exciting” stated Chuck DeCarlo, Marketing Manager.

The MAX300-CAT joins the ultra-sensitive MAX300-LG benchtop series, and the high-performance Veraspec line of gas analyzers to provide a full range of gas analyzer solutions for laboratory and research applications.

About Extrel CMS

Over 50 years ago, two professors changed the landscape of mass spectrometry by developing innovative RF and DC power supplies. Their discoveries became the foundation of Extrel — a world leader in state-of-the-art research and process mass spectrometers, residual gas analyzers, and quadrupole mass spectrometry components.

Since 1964, Extrel instruments have been recognized for their exceptional performance, reliability and flexibility. They are complemented by the most comprehensive application, technical and on-site support in the industry, and used by Nobel laureates and thousands of others worldwide. Extrel looks forward to the next 50 years of inspiring scientific collaboration.

For more information and a chance to win a prize stop by Booth #3917. Like us on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and visit our website at www.extrel.com.

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