FLUOROFEST 2013 to be held in Fort Worth, Texas

2 Day Workshops in Dallas/Fort Worth Dedicated to Fluorescence Techniques.

EDISON, NJ May 1st, 2013 FluoroFest, a series of free workshops dedicated to Fluorescence techniques, will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, and co-hosted by The Center for Commercialization of Fluorescence Technologies (CCFT).  It is open to anyone interested in the exciting field of fluorescence.

FluoroFest is a global series of workshops designed to give both fluorescence researchers and the growing number of fluorescence users a forum to hear internationally renowned experts in the field share their deep insight on topics of current interest; present and exchange ideas on your own work and discuss future directions in the fields of biomedical research, nanotechnology, and materials science; and experience the state-of-the-art in fluorescence instrumentation with hands-on sessions.

The 2-day event takes place in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.  Opening remarks begin on May 21st, and the workshops run through May 22nd.  Some of our speakers and their topics include:

  • Dr. Zygmunt (Karol) Gryczynski, Ph.D., Plenary Speaker, “Fluorescence Technologies. Probe Development and Studying Molecular Interactions.”;
  • David Birch, Ph.D., of the University of Strathclyde,   “Fluorescence for Healthcare.”;
  • Ignacy Gryczynski Ph.D, of the University of North Texas, “Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission.”;
  • Gerard Cote, Ph.D., with Brian Cummins, Ph.D. candidate, of Texas A&M, “Development of a fluorescence-based sensing assay for continuous glucose monitoring.”;
  • Marinella Sandros, Ph.D., of the University of North Carolina, “Enhancing SPRi Detection of Biomarkers Using Fluorescent Nanoparticles.”;
  • Steve Vogel, Ph.D., of the NIH, “Simultaneous FRET and FCS Measurements Reveals Covert Changes in CaMKII Holoenzyme Organization triggered by Calmodulin and CaMKIINtide.”;
  • Francis D'Souza, Ph. D., of the    University of North Texas, “Utility of Fluorescence in Nanocarbon-Solar Energy Applications.”;
  • Kayla N. Green, Ph.D., of Texas Christian University, “Hybrid N-Heterocyclic amines and their applications toward neurodegenerative disorders and oxidative stress.”;
  • Sergei Dzyuba, Ph.D, of Texas Christian University, “BODIPY dyes: synthetic approaches and interactions with amyloids.";
  • Daniel Gerrity, Ph.D., Assistant Professor University of Nevada, “Use of Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Water Reuse Applications.”; and
  • Paul Pantano, Ph.D., of the University of Texas, Dallas, “Carbon Nanotubes.”

 FluoroFest is sponsored by Horiba Scientific, the world leader in fluorescence spectroscopy.

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For more information, and to register, please go to Fluorofest.org.

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