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Hiden ExQ Gas Analysers for TGA/TA Analytics

The Hiden ExQ quantitative gas analyser is a new multi-featured and compact mass
spectrometer system…

…providing continuous on-line analysis of dynamic gas streams at pressures from sub-atmospheric up to 30 bar, the comprehensive range of process interface options
enabling adaptation of the system for direct connection to the majority of standard TGA/TA instruments.

The system monitors gaseous species through the mass range to 300 amu, with minor species composition measurable down to just 100 part-per-billion.  External process data, sample
temperature or sample mass change for example, can be imported for combined integration and presentation with the mass spectral data. An optional CO analyser is available where monitoring
and data integration specifically of low levels of carbon monoxide is additionally required.

The inert, fast-response inlet system operates at up to 200oC with response times less than 300 milliseconds. The fully integrated system is now configurable both for benchtop and for rack- mounting operation, and is mountable as standard up to 2M from the sampling point.


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