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How do you use an Epoxy Adhesive Film?

Get the answers on applying an epoxy film adhesive with this step-by-step demonstration. Our technical experts highlight proper techniques and handling practices for these convenient products.


FLM36: Toughened B-Staged Epoxy Adhesive Film


Master Bond FLM36 is a film adhesive featuring excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. FLM36 retains its high strength at temperatures up to 500°F, while offering enhanced resistance to thermal cycling and thermal/mechanical shock. It differs from other heat resistant epoxies due to its toughness and its ability to provide uniform bond line thicknesses.

For more information, request a data sheet on FLM36

FL901S: Electrically Conductive, Silver Filled Adhesive Film


High performance silver filled epoxy adhesive film, FL901S features outstanding electrical conductivity, superior mechanical strength and first rate chemical resistance properties. It cures quickly at moderate temperatures and can be used for bonding electronic components onto a wide variety of substrates as well as for applications where EMI/RFI shielding is needed. Preformed shapes are available upon request. FL901S is also a superb thermal conductor and cures in a manner that ensures bond line uniformity.

For more information, request a data sheet on FL901S

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