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International Workshop on “Nanoalloys on Atomic Scale: Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Structures and Reactions”

This one-day international workshop on “Nanoalloys on Atomic Scale” was held on 5th December 2016 in the University of Birmingham.

This one-day international workshop on “Nanoalloys on Atomic Scale” was held on 5th December 2016 in the University of Birmingham. It was part of the funded Royal Society International Exchanges Scheme between University of Birmingham, U.K. and University Paris Diderot, France. The workshop took place in the Nicolson Building, on the grounds of the Grade II listed building of Winterbourne House and Garden.

The aim of the workshop was to address some critical issues in bimetallic nanoalloys through direct imaging and modeling at atomic scale, which was successfully achieved. 12 invited talks, from experts in the field focused on both theoretical and experimental studies on structures and reactions, were well received by participants of the workshop and they prompted many lively scientific discussions both during and after the talks.  A poster session was held over the lunch break, which allowed the discussion to continue. Overall, one-third of the attendees were from overseas ranging from France, Italy and as far as Canada, one third from Birmingham and the rest from elsewhere in the UK such as Manchester, York, London, Southampton and Cardiff.  We also had attendees from companies and organisations. As the number of attendees at the workshop was intentionally capped at 50 to allow discussions and interactions, people who requested later had to be turned away unfortunately.

The workshop has provided a unique forum to bring together distinct communities under one roof to discuss the challenges and the advantages of various experimental and theoretical methods. The outputs of the workshop were continued in the following day, during the brainstorming discussion on the status and future opportunities of nanoalloys field.

The organisers of the workshop are grateful for the sponsorships by the British Vacuum Council (BVC) and Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group (EMAG), which allowed the workshop to be open to PhD students and post-doctoral research fellows who are interested in the field yet outside of this particular exchange scheme.

Ziyou Li, Christian Ricolleau, Roy Johnston and Jun Yuan

The organisers of the workshop at University of Birmingham, Dec 2016

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