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Laser Materials

Laser host materials for medical, research and industrial laser systems.

Roditi supply laser materials for solid-state laser systems from medical laser to research systems.

Nd:YAG Offers laser designers with the most versatile host material in use.
With thousands of systems in daily use, Nd:YAG continues as the best of the rare earth garnet laser materials characterised by four level laser operation; permitting low threshold pulse or CW operation. Nd:YAG laser rods produce efficient laser output at 1.064 ┬Ám.
Roditi offer standard doping levels up to 1.2% Nd.

Cr doped Sapphire material combines excellent physical properties with good laser performance.

Commercial lamps effectively pump Ruby's broad absorption bands to produce a 694.3 nm output, characterised by a long fluorescent lifetime and large energy storage and gain.
Roditi offer high quality 0.03% Cr and 0.05% Cr Ruby rods for high power medical and industrial applications.


CTH:YAG crystals offer lasing at 2.13 microns for medical applications.
The inherent advantage of the crystal is that it employs YAG as the host. YAG's physical, thermal and optical properties are well known and understood by every laser designer.
Roditi offer rods from 3mm to 10mm diameter, with lengths up to 150mm.

Other Materials:
Roditi also offer the following laser materials for laser systems:


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