Lesker Offers New IMPULSE™ HiPIMS (High-power impulse magnetron sputtering) Power Supply

KJLC is pleased to announce the redesigned IMPULSE™ 2-2 pulsed power module that enables High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) when coupled with a conventional DC sputtering power supply. 

HiPIMS is a pulsed power physical vapor deposition technique that utilizes high amplitude but low duty cycle pulses during which large fractions of sputtered atoms are ionized.  This results in a target-rich plasma which creates films with higher density, better adhesion, and improved microstructural properties.  The new CE marked design introduces a positive kick option in addition to the standard afterglow feature. The positive kick function engages after the main negative pulse to enhance ion transport to the substrate - increasing deposition rate, clearing charges and broadening the process envelope.  With a 2 kW output, this power supply is perfect for cathodes up to 4” in diameter. 

The highly affordable IMPULSE™ 2-2 is offered in both a Single and Dual configuration. The Dual configuration provides the ability to power (2) independent sources up to 2kW each.  Another option for the Dual supply is to master/slave the power for a max power of 4kW available for a single source.  The Dual option also has a DC bias option for the substrate.  In the event that you are using the Dual supply with a single source, you can use the additional supply for a DC bias on the substrate.

The IMPULSE™ HiPIMS supply has both front panel and remote control options with up to 5 user selectable storage presets.  Detailed technical information and process support can be found at


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For more information contact:             ( 44) 1424-458100