New 2018 NANO 36™ Thin Film Deposition System from Kurt J. Lesker Company®

New 2018 NANO 36™ Thin Film Deposition System from Kurt J. Lesker Company®

This entry-level deposition system comes fully equipped with our automated eKlipse™ controls package and a chamber design which is uniquely suited for standalone operation or glovebox integration.

The 2018 NANO 36™ is designed for the thermal evaporation and sputtering deposition of thin films used in R&D applications. The system can be installed with up to three of our unique KJLC Torus Mag Keeper™ magnetron sputter sources that allow ease of operation with simple target exchange and low maintenance with a zero O-ring design. For thermal evaporation the system can be equipped with boats, filaments & crucible heaters or with our Low Temperature Evaporation (LTE) sources with their unique plug-in base feature enabling easy maintenance and fast refilling of the source. The glovebox compatibility coupled with the precise rate control of our eKlipse™ controls package makes the 2018 NANO 36™ an ideal choice when dealing with atmosphere-sensitive materials such as organics and Lithium.

With increased capabilities and a smaller footprint, the 2018 NANO 36™ provides an accessible price point while maintaining the high quality our systems are internationally recognised for. With our worldwide technical support team who work directly with our customers in the field to provide training and installation, KJLC can help you optimize the use of your system to deliver the best research results possible.

The Kurt J. Lesker Company®, founded in 1954, is a global manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and systems for the high and ultra‑high vacuum equipment market.

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