New Circular Sputtering Source from Kurt J. Lesker Company

The Kurt J. Lesker Company® is pleased to formally announce the official release of our newest magnetron design─the Torus® Mag KeeperTM UHV compatible circular magnetron sputtering source.

Torus mag keeper poster compilation final

These sources have been specially designed to meet the requirements of the R&D community for a user-friendly source that fits a broad range of applications. With a quick target change feature, enhanced “patent pending” cooling design, low operating pressure capability, and reduced overall footprint, the Mag Keeper design is geared to provide the enhanced performance and flexibility each process requires. In addition, the source is engineered with no O-rings and all ceramic insulators, making it a UHV compatible design option.  For magnetic film deposition, the Mag Keeper offers enhanced high strength magnet options for sputtering up to 3mm thick Fe.

The Mag Keeper is the standard configuration used in our system platforms and offered to our customers worldwide for use in existing systems. Our broad range of mounting options allows us to integrate to any existing mounting requirement.

With offices worldwide, the Kurt J. Lesker Company has the capacity to provide real-time and or on-site support as necessary  to make sure our customers are realizing the full scope of our products’ advantages with minimal or no downtime.

The new Mag Keeper sources are in stock and offered in 2”, 3” and 4” target sizes.  Please direct any inquiries to

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