PHOTONIS Introduces a New High Quantum Efficiency Photocathode

New Hi-QE Photocathode increases QE 50% over S20 types.

Roden, NL - PHOTONIS Netherlands, a leading electro-optic component manufacturer, announced the release of a new photocathode designed to provide a unique combination of extremely low dark counts, fast response time, and a high quantum efficiency. Hi-QE Photocathodes are engineered to provide heightened spectral sensitivity in specific wavelength ranges for use in photon-starved applications.

The Hi-QE Photocathode increases quantum efficiency (QE) 50% when compared to standard S20 photocathodes, while lowering dark counts as much as 10X with near-symmetrical pulse height distribution. Currently the spectral ranges cover UV, Blue and Green wavelengths.

The new photocathodes are offered as an option to a number of PHOTONIS photon counting products, including the hybrid photo diode, image intensifier, and MCP-PMT families of detectors. The Hi-QE option can also be specified for the Imaging Photon Camera, which provides high spatial resolution (<40μm in X and Y) as well as high timing resolution (<100ps). Cross strip, cross delay line, and resistive anode readouts are available for the camera.

PHOTONIS’ new Hi-QE Photocathode is ideal for use in extremely low light level applications, including astronomy, biology, fluorescence, plasma research or nuclear physics. Additionally, the combination of detection efficiency, speed and low signal-to-noise ratio enhances the capabilities in single photon counting applications.

PHOTONIS is a multinational high-technology group, with more than 40 years’ experience in manufacture, sales and innovation, specializing in photo sensor technology. The Group operates internationally in the Night Vision, Scientific Detector, Nuclear Instrumentation, Electron Tube and Digital Imaging markets. PHOTONIS designs and manufactures a wide range of custom and standard components and assemblies for mass spectroscopy as well as other medical, bio-medical and scientific instruments and holds several patents in these fields.

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