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EP21ND-LP: Two Part Epoxy Paste with Long Working Life

Featuring excellent physical strength properties, EP21ND-LP is a room temperature curing epoxy for bonding, sealing and coating applications. This system has a non-critical one to one mix ratio by weight or volume and a 2-4 hour working life after mixing. Its durable bonds hold up well to thermal cycling and resist many chemicals including water, oils, fuels, acids, bases and salts. It bonds well to a variety of substrates including metals, composites, glass, ceramics and many types of rubbers and plastics. Once cured, this product is an excellent electrical insulator. Properties of EP21ND-LP can be adjusted by altering the mix ratio.


For more information, request a data sheet on EP21ND-LP

EP79FL: Silver Coated Nickel Conductive Epoxy

EP79FL is a silver coated nickel filled polymer system that forms high strength bonds that are resistant to extreme cryogenic temperatures. It is electrically conductive and has a volume resistivity of <0.005 ohm-cm. As a silver coated nickel filled system, it is much more cost effective than conventional silver filled epoxies. EP79FL is a flexible system with exceptional chemical resistance properties. The adhesive spreads evenly and smoothly. It has a convenient one to one mix ratio by weight and cures at ambient temperatures.


For more information, request a data sheet on EP79FL

MasterSil 711: Ultra Fast Curing, High Temperature Resistant Silicone

One component MasterSil 711 is a room temperature, non-corrosive curing silicone compound for bonding, sealing, coating and formed-in-place gaskets. It offers superior shock/impact resistance and is ideally suited for sealing delicate electronic components. Flexible bonds are formed when exposed to atmospheric moisture. MasterSil 711 requires no mixing or heat, and sets within 2-3 minutes.


For more information, request a data sheet on MasterSil 711

LED403Med: LED Curable System Meets USP Class VI Specifications

One part LED403Med cures in thin sections in 15-30 seconds upon exposure to a 405 nm wavelength LED light. Featuring excellent optical clarity and superior light transmission properties, it fully cures tack-free without any oxygen inhibition. This dimensionally stable system resists various sterilization methods including gamma radiation, and passes the plastics test for USP Class VI biocompatibility and ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity requirements.


For more information, request a data sheet on LED403Med

EP17HTDA-1: Heat Resistant Epoxy for Die Attach Applications

Formulated for die attach applications, Master Bond EP17HTDA-1 is a one component epoxy that can also be used for conventional bonding and sealing. This system features an excellent die shear strength of 24-27 kg-f and can be used in a typical die size ranging from 4-400 mm2. EP17HTDA-1 has superb temperature resistance with a service temperature range of -80°F to 600°F [-62°C to 316°C] and a Tg of 195-205°C. It features thermal conductivity of 9-10 BTU•in/ft2•hr•°F [1.30-1.44 W/(m•K)] and has reliable electrical insulation properties. EP17HTDA-1 can also be used in vacuum situations as it passes NASA low outgassing testing.


For more information, request a data sheet on EP17HTDA-1

EP30TC: Low Thermal Resistance, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy

Formulated for thermal management applications, EP30TC is a two component epoxy that contains robust thermally conductive fillers with very fine particle sizes. It has thermal conductivity of 18-20 BTU•in/ft2•hr•°F [2.60-2.88 W/(m•K)] and can applied in sections as thin as 5-15 microns, resulting in a low thermal resistance of 7-10 x 10-6K•m2/W. This NASA low outgassing certified system can be used for bonding, coating, sealing and encapsulating for the aerospace, electronic, optical and OEM industries.


For more information, request a technical data sheet on EP30TC

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