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Selecting Adhesive and Potting Compounds for High Power and High Frequency Electronics

Applications in these high technology systems have more challenging requirements than ever before.

As device capability has increased so has the variety of adhesives and potting compounds that can be employed to meet these needs. Learn what chemistry options are available and how these formulations can ensure reliable long term performance even in high density designs.

EP3HTS-LO: One Part, Silver Filled Epoxy


Featuring a low volume resistivity of less than 1 milliohm-cm, EP3HTS-LO is a single component system that cures rapidly at moderate temperatures. This smooth paste can be readily dispensed from a syringe and offers a service temperature range of -60°F to 400°F. It is dimensionally stable, has a very positive physical strength profile and retains its electrical conductivity over long time periods. EP3HTS-LO adheres well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, ceramics, glass and many plastics. It also meets NASA low outgassing requirements.

For more information, request a technical data sheet on EP3HTS-LO


Supreme 3HTND-2DA: Well Suited for Die Attach Applications


Single component Supreme 3HTND-2DA offers convenient processing and dispensing with no tailing or bleed out and only requires simple refrigeration for storage. It cures rapidly in 5-10 minutes at 150°C. This toughened system has high die shear strength, superior electrical insulation properties, excellent thermal conductivity, low ionics and performs well in 85/85 testing. It also passes NASA low outgassing tests.

For more information, request a technical data sheet on Supreme 3HTND-2DA


MB600S: Single Component, Silver Conductive Sodium Silicate Coating


MB600S is a one part, aqueous based sodium silicate coating formulated for applications where electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding is required. Tested according to IEEE 299, 2006 methods, MB600S was as effective as the aluminum reference with a shielding effectiveness of 95-105 dB, from 1-2 GHz. It is easy to brush on and being water based, the system is relatively non-toxic. The silver filled system is also temperature resistant up to 700°F [ 371°C].

For more information, request a technical data sheet on MB600S


EP21TCHT-1: Cryogenically Serviceable Down to 4K


Master Bond EP21TCHT-1 is a heat resistant, two component thixotropic paste formulated for high performance bonding and sealing applications. It features high thermal conductivity and superior electrical insulation properties with an operating temperature range of 4K to 400°F. EP21TCHT-1 is NASA low outgassing certified and is therefore highly recommended for use in vacuum environments. It also exhibits a low thermal expansion coefficient of 18-21 10-6 in/in/°C

For more information, request a technical data sheet on EP21TCHT-1

Supreme 18TC: Thermally Conductive Epoxy Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specifications


Supreme 18TC is a one component epoxy adhesive featuring unmatched heat transfer capabilities. This thermally conductive and electrically insulative system is capable of being applied in thin bond lines (10-15 microns) and meets NASA low outgassing specifications. It has a smooth paste consistency and cures quickly with the addition of heat. Some other positives include low shrinkage upon curing, a low CTE and a high degree of dimensional stability. It bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, ceramics and most plastics.

For more information, request a technical data sheet on Supreme 18TC

EP75-1: Non-Magnetic Electrically Conductive Graphite Filled Epoxy


Room temperature curing EP75-1 offers high lubricity and uniquely non-magnetic properties. It can be applied with minimal sagging even on vertical surfaces. EP75-1 resists harsh chemicals, bonds to dissimilar substrates and performs well from 4K to 250°F. Its volume resistivity is 50-100 ohm-cm. This compound is widely employed in the electronic, electrical, computer, semiconductor, microwave, appliance, automotive industries. It is frequently used for EMI/RFI shielding and static dissipation.

For more information, request a technical data sheet on EP75-1

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