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VISICOIL Linear Fiducial Marker

VISICOIL Linear Fiducial Marker is the answer to many of the challenges found with tightening margins and escalating dose.


VISICOIL is a helically wound coil providing excellent visibility and stability within some of the toughest tissues for marker retention.

VISICOIL Benefits:
Hollow Core = Improved Visibility
Flexible Coil = Designed NOT to Migrate
Liner Marker = Fewer Needles
Smaller Needles = Patient Safety / Comfort

VISICOIL is indicated to radiographically mark soft tissue for future therapeutic procedures.

VISICOIL is packaged Pre-Loaded in a needle for your convenience or it is also available on a carrier for loading into the needle of your choice. VISICOIL offers a new Interventional Radiology Product Line utilizing 21g & 22g needles in 8cm & 15cm lengths ideal for CT guided procedures.

VISICOIL is also commonly used with EUS/EBUS procedures with multiple clinical studies readily available. Ask Us!


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