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1,000 radiation therapy centers choose myQA®

myQA® has been selected by 1,000 customers around the world as their trusted global QA platform to integrate quality assurance applications, people, and know-how.

Schwarzenbruck, July 26, 2017 – IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions and radiation therapy integrated quality assurance (QA) for the treatment of cancer, announced that it has reached the 1,000 myQA® customers milestone worldwide. Since the first release of myQA in 2015, IBA has rapidly built its customer base across the global radiation therapy community and today serves the largest QA platform customer base by far. This growth has been driven by the need to improve the integration of quality assurance across all QA applications, departments, and professionals in radiation therapy and beyond.

With myQA, IBA Dosimetry has been the innovation leader for quality assurance platform solutions and has set a new standard in making quality checks for cancer treatments safer and more efficient. Compared to other solutions, myQA integrates all modern radiation therapy QA needs, from Beam Scanning and Machine QA, to Imaging QA and Patient QA. The Generic Test functionality enables users to integrate their individual site specific tests into the global QA platform

“We are proud to announce the milestone of 1,000 myQA customers since we released the global QA platform in March 2015. This is the proof that IBA Dosimetry has been leading the innovation to integrate quality assurance.” says Andreas Strempfl, Global Brand Manager myQA at IBA Dosimetry. He continues, “With this impressive customer base we are connecting medical physicists and radiation therapy experts around the world to drive further innovations and safer patient treatment. At the upcoming AAPM meeting our customers will be able to see the latest enhancements of myQA.”

About myQA® Global QA Platform
The myQA software platform connects QA applications, people, and know-how through a Central Database, as well as dedicated site-to-site QA benchmarking options. It offers full support to its users by integrating the entire QA workflow, and provides access to all software application modules and data from one intuitive interface. Users also have a complete, instant overview of their results with the myQA Cockpit. myQA integrates all major tasks of the QA workflow, from Beam Scanning and Machine QA, to Imaging QA and Patient QA. Furthermore, users can also integrate their individual hospital tests into myQA. myQA integrates colleagues and sites by providing access to QA data and applications from one central software platform and one central database. myQA further enables anonymous benchmarking of individual QA results with hundreds of other QA data from around the world.

For more information visit https://www.iba-dosimetry.com/solutions/myqa/

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