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CARINAsim - a new LAP designed Laser Marking control console for LAP Virtual Simulation laser systems. Touch screen mounted in CT/PET/MR room. Fully DICOM RT compatible. Works with all DORADO models.

CARINAsim satisfies the requirements of all Virtual Simulation users and ensures quality driven therapy processes. The modern graphical user interface intuitively
displays all the necessary information to help speed up the patient marking procedure for improved patient throughput while at the same time helping to reduce user errors that could lead to decreased patient safety. Patient information, isocenter and field projections along with laser control are all at the user’s fingertips.

Using full DICOM RT connectivity to all Therapy Planning and Virtual Simulation Systems, the RT-Structure Set and the RT-Plan data are imported into the system and the patient surface is reconstructed with all the projections of the prescribed MLC beams.


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