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IBA releases the newest version of myQA® Global Platform for Integrated Quality Assurance

myQA® now integrates Dolphin® transmission detector measurements to enable Machine QA dosimetry tests.

Schwarzenbruck, June 20, 2017 – IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions and radiation therapy integrated quality assurance (QA) for the treatment of cancer, announces the release of myQA version 2017-001. This new version further enhances the integration of quality assurance across all QA applications, departments and people.

The newest release of myQA, enables users to integrate IBA’s Dolphin Transmission Detector measurements into their linac machine QA dosimetry tests. This also provides an easy comparison of results and efficient trend analysis.

Additional software enhancements and applications further set the standard of myQA as the leading QA platform solution in terms of functionality and performance. Among other advancements, the new version allows users to customize tests for their individual hospital workflow protocols and needs. This can easily be done by attaching any document or media type to the various myQA test setups - including ones in their countrys language.

“At IBA Dosimetry we strive to further improve the efficiency and safety in Radiation Therapy by innovating and providing solutions for Integrated Quality Assurance. Since its first release myQA has been the backbone for our users to integrate QA procedures, data and their teams across the clinic and even satellite hospitals. We are proud to continue the journey with this latest sixth release of myQA where we now integrate the most advanced measurement detector Dolphin®” says Ralf Schira, Vice President Marketing at IBA Dosimetry. He continues, “Compared to any other solution on the market myQA integrates all QA needs of modern radiation therapy from Beam Scanning and Machine QA, to Imaging QA and Patient QA. The generic test functionality enables our users to integrate their individual site specific tests into their global QA platform”.

About myQA® Global QA Platform
The myQA software platform connects QA applications, people, and know-how through a Central Database and dedicated site-to-site QA benchmarking options. It offers full support to its users through integration of the entire QA workflow, and provides access to all software modules and data from one intuitive interface. The user also receives an instant and complete overview of their results with the myQA Cockit.
myQA integrates all major tasks of the QA workflow from Beam Scanning and Machine QA, to Imaging QA and Patient QA. Furthermore, users can also integrate their hospital individual tests into myQA.

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