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Visual Autocollimators

An autocollimator combines a collimator and a telescope in one instrument. The collimator reticle as well as the eyepiece (telescope) reticle are in the focal plane of the objective.

The autocollimator projects the image of the collimator reticle in a parallel beam of light (collimated light) onto a mirror that retro-reflects the light bundle back into the autocollimator. An autocollimation image is formed. If the mirror is exactly perpendicular to the optical axis of the autocollimator the beam of light is reflected along the same path.

When tilting the mirror the reflected beam enters into the objective at an angle. Depending on the angle of the reflected light bundle the autocollimation image is displaced to a greater or less amount. The displacement of the autocollimation image in respect to the eyepiece reticle provides a measure of the angular displacement of the mirror.

Electronic Autocollimators


Years of experience by MOELLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH and its employees in the development, production and calibration of visual and electronic autocollimators has resulted in the ELCOMAT line of high-precision measuring instruments.

ELCOMAT autocollimators are specially designed for the following measuring tasks:

  • Measurement of small angles
  • Ultra-precision angular adjustment and calibration
  • Quality control of machine tools (straightness, parallelism, squareness, position uncertainty of index tables
  • Automation of assembly
  • Control of angular position

Our Electronic Autocollimators

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