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Focometer MELOS 530

Measuring Equipment for Lenses and Optical Systems

  • Fast switching between the different measurement modes. Due to an improved set-up, no time-consuming change of the measuring system is necessary.
  • Direct reading of the measurement results on a stand-alone display unit. All calculations necessary for the evaluation of positive and negative effective focal lengths measurements are carried out on the display unit. Results can be stored in a table and transferred to a computer for e.g. documentation purposes at a later time. The user is supported by the integrated help function. It allows even the inexperienced user to get familiar quickly with the usage of the instrument.
  • Precise adjustment of the image planes, by monitor display of the reticle image.
  • Easy conversion into an interferometric workstation for measurement of flatness, wavefront and sphericity by use of an interferometric module.
  • Full control over the measurement process by manual adjustment.

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