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N-Series Vacuum Valves

N-Series vacuum valves are available in both right angle and in-line formats in flanges sizes NW16 to NW50

The N-Series valves are available in both right angle and in-line formats, from NW16 to NW50 flange sizes.

All N-series valves are pneumatically actuated and are available with optional air solenoids and optional optical position sensors.

Construction of the valve has been optimised for good vacuum practise, long operating life, and innovative mounting options.

  • Fully opening gate assembly for high conductance and to prevent bellows contamination while the valve is in the open position, this reduces particle contamination when the valve is cycled.
  • Die-formed, 304 stainless steel bodies eliminate sharp inside corners, internal welds, and improve conductance.
  • Bodies are electropolished for lower outgassing and better corrosion resistance.
  • Edge welded bellows are made from AM-350 stainless steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility, they are designed with additional bellows segments to provide extended life of MTBF 3,000,000 bellows cycles.
  • All valves are pneumatic and have air-to-open / spring-to-close actuation, so valve closes automatically in the event of air pressure failure.
  • 304 SS body and air cylinder, maximum operating temperature of 150°C.
  • The small foot-print in both angle and in-line versions and low overall height means they can be mounted in tight spaces.
  • Flange-to-flange dimension (A-dimension) is in accordance with the ISO-standard for small isolation valves. 
  • Vacuum Range of 1 bar to 1 x 10-9 mbar.
  • CDA operating pressure of 60-80 psig.
  • Max operating temperature is 150°.

As well as good vacuum engineering practise, the valves have been designed to be easy to use and service.  The field replaceable bellows kit and seal kit for the N-Series valve are the same for all sizes, so users can stock a single part number to service any size valve from NW16 to NW50.

As standard the valve is supplied with Viton seals, other seal compound options are available.

  • Kalrez 4079
  • Kalrez 8085
  • Kalrez 8575
  • Kalrez 9100
  • Chemraz E38
  • Dupra 192
  • Perlast G74P

As an option, Optical reflective switch position indicators are available.  These can be easily retrofitted in the field by the end user, the valve allows 2 sensors to be fitted so allows for redundancy.

  • Optial sensors have transistor outputs with 5 to 24 VDC excitation required.
  • Output can handle 20 mA, NPN pull-down or PNP pull-up.