NAG's mathematical and statistical software components underpin thousands of programs and applications spanning the globe. They are so widely used and trusted because of their outstanding and unrivalled quality, reliability and portability.

NAG in Research & Development

R&D departments increasingly need to manipulate, analyse and visualise large amounts of data accurately, something for which NAG's software is ideally placed. In fact, organisations such as CERN, Nike and the US National Institutes of Health rely on NAG software for model and application building and solving highly complex problems.

Why NAG?
NAG has been developing numerical software for over thirty years and because of it's reputation for proving not only world class products and expert support has become the leading provider of mathematical and statistical components. They are widely used and trusted by thousands of users in academia, research and business because of the flexibility, accuracy and robustness of the software.

Numerical Components

NAG's libraries provide a broad range of reliable and robust numerical and statistical routines in areas such as minimising and maximising functions, PDEs, curve and surface fitting, and FFTs to name but a few. By using these libraries organisations know that they will save development time and protect their investment in application development. Much of this software has been developed with collaborators to ensure that it addresses real-world R&D problems. For example, the Pineapl Project in the area of high-performance computing looked at end user problems in collaboration with a number of industrial partners.

The human brain understands images far better than it does numbers.

Researchers can often interpret and make decisions far quicker by looking at their data represented in graphical format rather than as numbers on a page. They can also spot patterns that would otherwise be missed. NAG's longstanding work in the field of data visualisation means that the software can be easily implemented and integrated into existing systems. NAG's IRIS Explorer™ is a simple, yet powerful visualisation package designed to do just this.

NAG's numerical libraries are available to try by downloading from the NAG website – click on the NAG logo at the top of this page to arrange your download today.

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