Nanoinvestigation Centre at Liverpool (NiCaL)

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The Nanoinvestigation Centre at Liverpool (NiCaL) is a centre of excellence, supported by the NW ERDF, which specifically focuses on the needs of institutions involved in the application and/or development of materials.

Our state of the art equipment and unique understanding of the structure and properties of materials from the mm down to the atomic scale is key to the development of existing, new and novel products and processes.

Electron microscopy can add value to almost every manufacturing process and physical product. Products which rely on nanotechnology are numerous and extremely varied, including catalysts, thin film coatings, paints, semiconductors and drug delivery systems.

Our Industry-focused team can provide assistance for your business with

  • Research and Development
  • Material Characterisation
  • Product design (materials specification and selection)
  • Product development (manufacturing)
  • Process monitoring
  • Troubleshooting process and component failures

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