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K1050X RF Plasma Etcher/Asher/Cleaner

The K1050X RF plasma barrel reactor designed to meet the requirements of R&D and small-scale production for a wide and range of plasma etching, plasma ashing and plasma cleaning applications.

Built to withstand heavy use - 24 hours a day for some plasma ashing schedules - the K1050X features microprocessor control with automatic operation and offers durability and simplicity of operation.
The K1050X uses a low pressure, RF-induced gaseous discharge to modify specimen surfaces or remove specimen material in a gentle, controlled way. A wide range of surface modification methods are available, using a variety of process gases. Using oxygen (or air) as the process gas, the molecules disassociate into chemically-active atoms and molecules and the resulting ‘combustion’ products are conveniently carried away in the gas stream by the vacuum system.