New OWIS® products: Universal Position Control Unit PS 90 and OWISoft – more safety and comfort

The new OWIS® universal position control unit PS 90 with new functionality is available from August 2014. At the same time the new OWISoft version 2.8 is obtainable.


Staufen, 02.05.2014 - Crucial benefits show up particularly in joint operation: The connection setup and the COM port search are optimized. The improved communication between software and control unit is evident also at the query of axis parameters. Furthermore, new software tools are available, which e.g. extend the integration of the software in development environments as LabView or MatLab.

In terms of safety, the PS 90 convinces with significant innovations. The optimized power dissipation ensures less heating of the PS 90 in operation. In addition, newly integrated components provide an improved overcurrent protection. The risk of damage due to short circuit is virtually impossible.

Further, the PS 90 presents itself time-saving and easy to use than ever before. The controller reads out the OWISid directly and simplifies thus installation and configuration of the individual positioning unit. This allows transferring relevant values such as current level or spindle pitch from a database to the controller, but may be entered manually as previously.

With new commands the function for synchronous start and stop of several positioning units is more comfortable. Furthermore, new functionalities are available for the path control. Up to 3 SPS or TTL outputs can be set or deleted simultaneously.

The advancement is reflected in the modern amplifier design as well. The current limits for DC and BLDC motors are now adjustable via software commands. As for step motors, the current is now controlled by a fully adjustable PID controller and allows fine adjustment of the output stage exactly according to the requirements. The stage can thus be operated in a slow smooth running or very dynamical.

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