New OWIS® catalogue available

The new OWIS® catalogue is available since the fourth quarter of 2013.

On over 700 pages, more than 1,400 quality products in the field of optical beam handling and positioning systems are presented. With numerous product innovations the catalogue reflects the consistent programme revision and expansion of the OWIS GmbH.

Within the optical components new holders and inserts are available for greater flexibility and higher adaptability. Highlight in this segment are the new universal optic holders UNOH which allow a fast and economical way of working.

In both manual and motorized positioning systems, the new linear precision stages LPT(M) 30 are outstanding. Thanks the extremely small size, the LPT(M) 30 are particularly suitable for use in machines and setups with limited space.

The nano-hybrid linear stage NHL 84 is characterized by particularly long travel ranges with up to 270 mm enabling precise positioning in the nanometer range.

As in the past, the selection of matching products is facilitated by symbols, indicating vacuum-prepared or non-magnetic versions at a glance, and referring to the compatibility within the beam handling systems.

Additionally to the new catalogue, the single brochures have been updated, which give a
brief overview of each product group.

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