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FSL300 Fibre Spectral Attenuation Spectrometer

Bentham Instruments Limited 16 Jan 2018

The FSL300 system provides accurate assessment of fibre spectral loss, paramount in quality control processes, material research and optical fibre development.


Precision Etalons Enable High Resolution, High Contrast Spectroscopy

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 16 Jan 2018

Optical Surfaces Ltd. announces receipt of an order for precisely matched etalon pairs from The Table Stable Ltd (Mettmenstetten, Switzerland) for use as a key component in their ultra high resolution JRS series interferometers.


Mounted Off-Axis Mirrors for Intense Laser Interaction Studies

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 16 Jan 2018

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has received an order from Strathclyde Intense Laser Interaction Studies (SILIS) Group, from University of Strathclyde (UK) for three ultra-high performance off-axis parabolic mirrors in special custom vacuum motorised mounts

ac hall measurements1

New Paper on the Benefits of AC Field Hall for Low-Mobility Material Characterization weblink

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 12 Jan 2018

The traditional DC field Hall measurement methodology


New Product: UV22DC80-10F

Master Bond Inc. 12 Jan 2018

Master Bond UV22DC80-10F is a single component, nanosilica filled compound featuring a UV and heat curing mechanism.


Quantum Dot Photoluminescence

Bentham Instruments Limited 12 Jan 2018

InAs quantum dots, grown on GaAs, are a promising candidate for 1.3µm lasers for use in silica optical fibre-based local and metro data communications systems. In this application, lasers are sought to operate in road-side cabinets over a wide temperature range without the need for expensive temperature control.


The Bentham-2-Business Program

Bentham Instruments Limited 12 Jan 2018

The short road to success


Monochromator Selection Guide

Bentham Instruments Limited 12 Jan 2018

The Bentham Monochromator Selection Guide has been written to allow new users to quickly and easily identify the most appropriate monochromator configuration, accessories and detection electronics required for a given application.


IDR300-PSL Photobiological Safety Spectroradiometer

Bentham Instruments Limited 12 Jan 2018

Test and certification companies and lamp and luminaire manufacturers can now evaluate the photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems easier, faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.


Enviro300 Wide Spectral Range Solar Spectroradiometer

Bentham Instruments Limited 12 Jan 2018

Comprising a double-spectroradiometer housed within a thermally controlled, environmentally sealed enclosure, the Enviro300 delivers reliable, high-accuracy UV-vis-IR measurements, independent of location or environment.


Erythemal Dose and skin exposure to UV

Bentham Instruments Limited 11 Jan 2018

The inflammatory response of the skin to UV irradiation is the vasodilation of cutaneous blood vessels resulting in erythema, or reddening of the skin.


Spectral Characterisation of Photovoltaic Devices

Bentham Instruments Limited 11 Jan 2018

This guide provides an overview of the spectral characterisation techniques used in the evaluation of their efficacy in the goal of harnessing a maximum of energy from the sun and artificial sources of light.


DVC150 Visual Characterisation of Displays

Bentham Instruments Limited 11 Jan 2018

The DVC150 offers high dynamic range display characterisation and ultimate measurement accuracy.


WLS100 Fibre Coupled White Light Source

Bentham Instruments Limited 11 Jan 2018

The WLS100 is a turn-key, fibre coupled white light source, designed to maximise the coupling of broadband light into terminated fibre optics (FC, SMA, etc).


LuxCal250 Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration

Bentham Instruments Limited 11 Jan 2018

The LuxCal250 provides accurate luxmeter calibration over an exceptionally wide dynamic range.


Mid-Infrared LED Characterisation

Bentham Instruments Limited 11 Jan 2018

The mid-infrared spectral region is of enormous interest as the practical realisation of optoelectronic devices operating in the 2-5 µm wavelength range offers potential applications in a wide variety of areas.

delta optical65x72

SPIE BiOS and Photonics West 2018 weblink

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S 9 Jan 2018

San Francisco from January 27 to February 1


New era in high field superconducting magnets – opening new frontiers in science, nanotechnology and materials discovery weblink

Oxford Instruments NanoScience 9 Jan 2018

Oxford Instruments is delighted to congratulate our partners at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) on the successful demonstration of a 32 Tesla all-superconducting user magnet

fliratspr174 image

Hydrogen Leak Detection Technology Prevents Power Outages weblink

FLIR Systems 9 Jan 2018

FLIR Systems has published a technical note that describes how its GF343 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera is helping utility companies using hydrogen-cooled generators avoid costly power outages.

optspr186 image a

Precision Prisms for Telescope Spectrograph

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 8 Jan 2018

Chosen as a key supplier for the SPIRou spectrograph* installed at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), Optical Surfaces fabricated and delivered key optical components including twin ZnSe prisms and a Infrasil prism which make up a triple-prism-train cross-disperser.

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