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OSL Optics to help unlock the secrets of Jupiter’s Icy Moons

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 23 May 2018

Optical Surfaces Ltd. (OSL) announces selection by Hensoldt Optronics GmbH, formerly Airbus (Oberkochen, Germany) to supply key precision optics for optical testing the Ganymede Laser Altimeter (GALA)


Physics World May 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 21 May 2018

Stephen Hawking’s Scientific Legacy; Black holes cosmology and quantum physics


Exhibition: 2018 E-MRS Spring Meeting (Strasbourg, France) – Asahi Spectra weblink

Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd. 21 May 2018

June 19-21 2018, Convention Centre of Strasbourg, Booth No. 38

2018 05 09 10 08 02 v chirp software

vChirp - online web optics software launched weblink

Laser Quantum Ltd 21 May 2018

Laser Quantum has just launched an in-browser version of vChirp, an easy-to-use online software to emulate dispersion and pulse compression calculations for ultrafast experiment design.

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Electrical Power Industry Invests In OGI Camera Technology weblink

FLIR Systems 21 May 2018

FLIR Systems reports growing demand, from the electrical power industry, for its FLIR GF306 optical gas imaging camera


Optical Surfaces Ltd Reports on Program of Investment

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 21 May 2018

Optical Surfaces Ltd (Kenley, UK), a leading producer of ultra-high precision optics and optical systems, reports on an ongoing program of investment in new staff and facilities following consistent growth in sales over the last 3 years.


HPR-20 EGA by Hiden Analytical weblink

Hiden Analytical Limited 18 May 2018

A compact bench-top gas analysis system for evolved gas analysis in thermogravimetric mass spectrometry, TGA-MS


Nigeria Fiber Optic Products Supplier weblink

Huihong Fiber, Inc 17 May 2018

Fiber optic Nigeriais a leading supplier of cables and fiber transceiver modules.


Oxford Instruments announces Dr Philip Moll as the winner of the 2018 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize for Europe weblink

Oxford Instruments NanoScience 15 May 2018

Oxford Instruments is delighted to announce Dr Philip Moll of Max Plank Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, Germany – as the winner of the 2018 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize for Europe.


Mass Spectrometers for Electrochemistry with Hiden’s Unique DEMS System for Monitoring of Electrochemical Reactions at... weblink

Hiden Analytical Limited 10 May 2018

The Battery Show Europe | Booth B646

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Beam Compressor for Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 10 May 2018

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has been selected by the Magdalena Ridge Observatory (Socorro, New Mexico, USA) to produce an ultra-stable 7.5x off-axis beam compressor


Prisms for Entertainment and Speciality Lighting

Knight Optical (USA) 10 May 2018

Lighting effects and lasers help bring the entertainment industry to life. High quality optical prisms are one of the key components to this. Knight Optical’s prisms are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to create the desired effect.


Dispersive Prisms for Spectrometers

Knight Optical (USA) 10 May 2018

An optical spectrometer uses Dispersive Prisms to split the lightwave into the different colours(wavelengths).


Interference Bandpass Filters for Medical Sensors

Knight Optical (USA) 10 May 2018

Medical Sensors are used for the detection of enzymes, proteins, blood, bacteria and other substances inside the human body so that the correct treatment can be administered should abnormalities occur.


Knight Optical are not emitting we get excited about Fluorescence Imaging!

Knight Optical (USA) 10 May 2018

Fluorescence imaging is advancing our medical and scientific knowledge and helping break-through research.


MAX300-CAT Laboratory Gas Analyzer

Extrel CMS 10 May 2018



Liquid Helium Plants and Reliquefiers weblink

Cryomech Inc 9 May 2018

In 2017 Cryomech launched the  PT420, the largest 4K pulse tube available with an impressive performance =2 W at 4.2K with =55 W at 45K.


Active "Shims" for Precision Machines: Adjusting with the Piezo Effect weblink

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 8 May 2018

If a target or an actual dimension between two components inside precision machines changes, for instance in laser processing or precision engineering, readjustment may be necessary.

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Thermal Imaging Handbook for R&D Professionals weblink

FLIR Systems 8 May 2018

‘Ultimate Infrared Handbook for R&D Professionals’

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Optical Surfaces Receives Order for Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 8 May 2018

Optical Surfaces Ltd. has been selected by the Magdalena Ridge Observatory (Socorro, New Mexico, USA)

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