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Nor-Cal Products - A Source of Experience

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. was incorporated in 1962 and began fabricating stainless steel flanges, fittings, and custom components exclusively for the then emerging vacuum industry. Nor-Cal's knowledge of welding, machining, forming and cleaning stainless steel allowed us to quickly become the premier supplier to equipment manufacturers and national laboratories. Nor-Cal co-authored the specification for vacuum fittings at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that became the standard for vacuum component manufacturers.

When Argonne and Brookhaven National Laboratory scientist, Ray Conley, needed an unusual room-length vacuum deposition system for the growth of multilayer Laue lenses, he contracted with CVD Equipment Corporation to design and build the system.

According to John Feraca of CVD, one of the challenges was maintaining the precise alignment of the linear transport mechanism through the length of five separate vacuum chambers, making the parallelism of the chamber end flanges critical. Nor-Cal Products participated in a design review held at our facility and made recommendations to simplify manufacturing, while maintaining all critical-to-quality specifications.

For more information and a video of the system operating, watch this clip.