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Omni’s equipment portfolio includes high temperature processing for annealing, oxidation and nitridation; e beam Resist for high aspect ratio patterning; Plasma Deposition of dielectrics; Metal, Si and dielectric etching; ALD for highly uniform thin film deposition; Ion beam for figuring and coating of lenses and mirrors and trimming SAW, BAW filters and SOI wafers; Inkjet deposition of resists, dielectrics and metals; Sputterers using the latest advanced magnetrons or HiTUS technology and process control for both small substrates and larger area coating; Electrochemical (Cu & Ni) & Parylene Deposition; Microwave Etching, Vacuum Gas Monitoring and Scribing/Cleaving equipment. These advanced technologies in combination with our application expertise and the demonstration facility provide a simple solution to focus your research or industry advantage.

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