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Our principals include the following companies:

IES-Highly experienced Field Service and Process/Application Engineering and support

Lattice Gear-Cleaving and Scribing equipment

JLS Designs-Thermal Evaporation, Etch, PVD (sputtering) and PECVD

EM Resist-Electron Beam Resist for mask making and direct write

Plasma Quest Ltd-Remote Plasma Source Sputtering (PVD) for advanced processes)

Meyer Burger- Ion Beam Etch, Deposition and Inkjet printing

Veeco CNT-Atomic Layer Deposition

Alpha Plasma-Microwave etching for resist ashing, descum, surface activation and device packaging

Gencoa-Magnetrons, Vacuum Gas Analysis and Sputter control

Plasma Parylene Systems-Parylene Deposition

Picofluidics-Elecrochemical Deposition

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