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Oncology Data Systems, Inc.offers a comprehensive set of MUCheck software applications for independent dose validation in the field of radiation therapy.

Our suite of second-check software is utilized worldwide by medical physicists, dosimetrists, and radiation therapists. Whether your cancer center uses traditional linac-based treatment, brachytherapy, CyberKnife, Gamma Knife, TomoTherapy, or any combination of the above, we can offer a customized product suite tailored to the way YOU do business.

We have been in the second-check software business since 1998, making us one of the oldest and most experienced independent second-check software providers in the industry. With customers in the U.S. and worldwide that depend on our MUCheck software daily, Oncology Data Systems has become “Trusted Around the World”.

We are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of products to assist in securing their patients’ confidence in the quality and care they provide. Exceeding expectations is the goal of Oncology Data Systems, Inc.

Currently the MuCheck product line supports the following treatment modalities:

  • Conformal 2D/3D

  • Electrons

  • IMRT

  • Arc Therapy (RapidArc, Smart Arc, VMAT)

  • CyberKnife

  • Brachytherapy (including LDR, HDR and seeds)

  • Gamma Knife (supports Perfexion, 4C, and Icon models)

  • TomoTherapy

What’s new

  • 20 Years of MUCheck Software

    News | 22 Mar 2018

    In 2018, Oncology Data Systems celebrates 20 years of serving the radiation oncology industry with MUCheck second-check software.