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Optical components and measurement systems, as well as different types of lasers for a full range of research and commercial applications.



5-ways to improve UV spectroscopy weblink

McPherson 5 Jun 2018

If the goal is better UV spectroscopy, we have some news for you. More than 70% of users choose the McPherson Model 234/302 monochromator.


Interference Bandpass Filters for Gas Sensors

Knight Optical (USA) 31 May 2018

Gas Detection Systems use Interference Bandpass Filters to identify the emission of a type of gas.


Mirrors for Colorimeters

Knight Optical (USA) 31 May 2018

Colorimeters measure colour in a substance, for example in water.

germaniumwindows pr

Knight Optical's Germanium Windows for Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

Knight Optical (USA) 31 May 2018

 We now offer  germanium window  solutions for thermal imaging and night vision equipment .


Knight Optical's Introduce a New Range Custom Infra-red Gas Cells

Knight Optical (USA) 31 May 2018

A broad variety of gas transmission cells are available for the analysis of gas and vapour phase components in infrared optical spectroscopy.


Knight Optical's range of LiDAR Optics for autonomous vehicle

Knight Optical (USA) 31 May 2018

Knight Optical can supply you with custom made Diamond turned aspheric lenses for use within autonomous vehicle LiDAR systems.

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FLIR Systems Receive Innovation Award for Methane Detecting Cameras weblink

FLIR Systems 24 May 2018

FLIR Systems received a Technology Innovation Award for its Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras

OT-4040 Portable Laser Alignment System

Scitec Instruments Ltd 15 May 2018

Laser Alignment Home

Cobolt produktbilder2015 12 17 0801 nld 65

New wavelengths for Raman by Cobolt

Cobolt AB 10 May 2018

Introducing new wavelengths on the 08-01 Series of 457 nm, 473 nm, 515 nm, 660 nm and 1064 nm, complementing already available wavelengths of 405 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm and 785 nm.

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Aerial Thermal Sensing Helps Develop Crops More Resilient to Climate Change weblink

FLIR Systems 8 May 2018

FLIR Systems has published a new application note…



hubner photonics

HÜBNER Photonics to distribute ALS products in D/A/CH and Nordics

Cobolt AB 23 Oct 2017

HÜBNER Photonics, a division of the HÜBNER Group, is pleased to be appointed by Azur Light Systems (ALS) of France to distribute their products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D/A/CH) as well as the Nordics from June 1st 2017


Physics World June 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 12 Jun 2018

The Hunt Is On; Seeking submarines from the air


Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry for Layer Measurement of Racing Tyres weblink

Laser Quantum Ltd 12 Jun 2018

Motorsport tyres are the only link between the power generated by the engine and the road surface. Maximising their performance in terms of grip and wear is crucial to the success of racing teams.


Successful EPIC Meeting in the PI Technology Center in Karlsruhe: Networking in the International Photonics Business Sector weblink

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 11 Jun 2018

This year’s European Photonics Industry Consortiums (EPIC) on the subject of “automation for manufacturing, packaging, and inspecting optoelectronic elements” meeting took place in PI’s new technology center at the headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, from the 22nd to 23rd May 2018


Photonics North 2018 weblink

McPherson 6 Jun 2018

We’re excited to be driving up to Montreal Canada this week. Not for the F1 Grand Prix. We’re there for Photonics North 2018.

knight optical


Knight Optical (USA) 31 May 2018

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tonpilz transducer

Modelling Piezoelectric Devices weblink

COMSOL 29 May 2018

Webinar presented by Paul Wilson, Knowledge Transfer Associate, Queen’s University Belfast and Richard Chippendale, Technical Manager, COMSOLThis webinar is sponsored by: COMSOL


Knight Optical Available for Hire

Knight Optical (USA) 24 May 2018

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OSL Optics to help unlock the secrets of Jupiter’s Icy Moons

Optical Surfaces Ltd. 23 May 2018

Optical Surfaces Ltd. (OSL) announces selection by Hensoldt Optronics GmbH, formerly Airbus (Oberkochen, Germany) to supply key precision optics for optical testing the Ganymede Laser Altimeter (GALA)


Physics World May 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 21 May 2018

Stephen Hawking’s Scientific Legacy; Black holes cosmology and quantum physics

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