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AbsoluteLambda™: precision frequency control for C-WAVE, the CW tunable laser

HÜBNER Photonics announces a new feature of ultimate wavelength control, called AbsoluteLambda™, on its award winning C-WAVE CW tunable laser.

AbsoluteLambda™ offers the opportunity for  automized wavelength selection with high accuracy (set point
/– 1 MHz) and a drift-free wavelength stabilization ( /– 1 MHz).

The C-WAVE is a unique, tunable, single-frequency CW laser covering 450–650 nm and 900–1300 nm. In the 450–650 nm region, output powers of up to 200 mW are available, while at 900–1300 nm, output powers of up to 400 mW are achievable. C-WAVE has been developed as a high-precision and versatile laser serving demanding applications in atomic physics and quantum optics.