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Angstrom Sciences Continues its’ Position as the Pre-Eminent Supplier Of Sputtering Magnetrons for Astronomical Telescope Mirror Coating

Angstrom Sciences is pleased to announce the receipt of an order for a series of 2.5 m long cathodes to support mirror metallization at from the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics (CIOMP).

Founded in 1952, CIOMP has been honored as the “cradle of China’s optics” and is spear heading China’s activities in the design and construction of telescopes supporting Chin’s principal efforts in ground-based optical astronomy.

The 2.5 m cathodes that will be supplied to CIOMP incorporate the latest generation of Angstrom Sciences’ magnetron technology to support the sputtering of metals and dielectric overcoats.  Integral gas injection, low particulate anode/shutter designs, magnetic optimization, and target cooling techniques will all combine to produce the highest quality coatings to support extremely demanding coating specifications.  Angstrom Sciences is currently designing 4.7 m cathodes to support next generation projects at CIOMP which are expected to materialize in 2014.

 Angstrom Sciences, Inc. is the premier global supplier of magnetron technology used to produce thin films through the “sputtering” process; used to manufacture advanced products, such as compact disks, energy efficient architectural glass, optical components, flat panel displays and micro-electronic devices.  The company has a worldwide business presence and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.  For more information on magnetron sputtering technology, visit us at or email us at

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