Cymtec to demonstrate practical applications of NeoLite at Laser World of Photonics India 2013 - Registration now open

NeoLite is an LED Multiplexer, requiring minimal alignment for smaller, lower cost light engines. Designed to collimate, colour mix and homogenise high brightness LED’s in etendue restrictive systems meaning that it is possible to create a colour changeable light source with a small emission area and uniform spread of light.

Disruptive LED Multiplexer Technology

Cymtec currently have numerous patents filed with regard to different LED Multiplexer designs including hollow light pipes, solid light pipes and phosphor pumped light pipes. Our technology is extremely versatile and due to the expertise held within the company and by our suppliers we are able to offer a commercially acceptable solution to almost any problem. NeoLite enables LED technology to be utilised in applications which before, due to the Lambertian intensity profile of LED’s, would never have been possible.

The key benefits and differentiators which this technology provides include:

  • Longer product lifetime (due to the lifetime of the LED’s)
  • Less maintenance costs (again due to the lifetime of the LED’s)
  • Lower product running costs
  • Higher lumen output (for some applications)
  • Ability to colour balance
  • Ability to fluoresce
  • Multiple combinations of LED’s possible
  • Ability to use colours independently or together
  • Optional bespoke electronic drive circuitry and thermal management
  • Excellent colour versatility
  • High luminance and colour temperature
  • Higher energy efficiency then current technologies

And many more benefits specific to each application, such as drastically improved diagnosis in life sciences and HD quality images in digital display.

Visit Cymtec at Stand B52 for a hands on demonstration.

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