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Dichroic colour filters for scientific instrumentation.

Dichroic filters have a hard dielectric coating and are designed to offer high transmission over a specific wavelength while reflecting all other wavelengths.

Dichroic filters offer superior contrast between transmitted and reflected wavelengths.

Having negligible absorption. Having a dielectric coating they are perfect for high power applications and do not show the strong fluorescence of certain glass filters.

These are used for a range of scientific instrument applications and commercial lighting, stage and entertainment.

Dichroic filters are temperature resistant and can be used to reflect heat away from hot lighting systems in addition to their colour correcting properties, unlike traditional polyester type colour filters that melt and distort under thermal conditions.

We hold a massive inventory of Bandpass, Long pass, Short pass, Band-blocking and Color-correction filters.

  • Stock sizes of 12.5mm, 25mm dia and 50x50mm squares x 1mmthk.
  • 425mm dia stock sheets are kept in stock for your specific requirements.
  • Custom shapes and sizes at short notice, in most cases turned around within 1 week.
  • Coated on Borofloat substrates for excessive thermal shock applications.
  • Alternative thickness substrates available.

Typical specs:
Borosilicate or equivalent, Sodalime
Diameter: 0.0/-0.20 mm
Length/Width: /- 0.25mm
Thickness: /-0.20mm
Wavelength: 300nm-1200nm dependant on type
Wavelength Accuracy: /- 5nm
Transmission: Tmax=95% dependant on type and substrate

All our Dichroic filters are checked for quality in our state-of-the-art Metrology laboratory using our Varian Cary 5000 spectrophotomer’s fitted with UMA, allowing us to work to the highest QA standards and meet the tolerance specifications on these precision components.

Contact our technical sales team to discover how Knight Optical’s high quality Dichroic Filters and superior service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

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    Dichroic colour filters for scientific instrumentation.

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    Dichroic filters have a hard dielectric coating and are designed to offer high transmission over a specific wavelength while reflecting all other wavelengths.

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