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100 nm of mode-hop free tuning!

TOPTICA introduces a new family of continuously tunable diode lasers.

Toptica CTL

TOPTICA introduces a new family of diode lasers: the Continuously Tunable Lasers, CTL, for applications requiring a large mode-hop free tuning range with the best spectroscopic quality.
The new family of CTL diode lasers permits mode-hop free tuning across the full gain spectrum of the integrated laser diode – while providing the highest resolution, narrow linewidth (< 100 kHz),
renowned stability and ease-of-use of TOPTICA lasers. The first two versions of the CTL are available at 950 nm and 1570 nm, with continuous tuning from 915 – 985 nm and 1530 – 1620 nm,
respectively. The single-mode TEM00 lasers provide an absolute wavelength accuracy of better than 100 pm, a repeatability better than 10 pm and output powers of up to 80 mW, more than twice the output power of comparable lasers.

The CTL lasers operate with TOPTICA’s DLC pro control unit, benefiting from its low noise and drift current-, temperature- and piezodrivers. The lasers can be conveniently controlled with comfortable touch control and buttons, or remotely via a powerful PC graphical user interface and command line language. In addition to wavelength selection and motor/piezo scanning, the DLC pro can also be used to frequency-stabilize the lasers to external references with multiple PIDs and Lock-In regulation.

The new CTL lasers are ideally suited for applications that require large mode-hop free tuning ranges, such as the resonant excitation of small structures like quantum dots (around 950 nm) and silicon-based micro-cavities (around 1550 nm). Here even small size variations result in relatively large spectral shifts and thus widely spread resonance frequencies. Other examples are molecular spectroscopy and wavelength-dependent testing of optical components, such as filters, waveguides and photonic crystals that require single-frequency and/or narrow-linewidth operation.

Key features

  • Mode-hop free tuning up to 100 nm
  • Available at 950 nm (915 – 985 nm) and 1570 nm (1530 – 1620 nm)
  • Up to 80 mW output power
  • Low noise, narrow linewidth
  • High absolute wavelength accuracy (<100 pm) and repeatability (<10 pm)
  • User-friendly control via touch screen and buttons, remote PC GUI and command line interface
  • Free-beam and fiber coupled versions available

TOPTICA’s CTL lasers will be introduced and demonstrated during the CLEO exposition from June 10th-12th, 2014 in San Jose, California at booth 1925.

For more information, please contact TOPTICA Photonics.

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