New Melles Griot Next Generation 56-CRN, 57-CFP, and 57-CFS Diode Lasers

Melles Griot announces a new line of free space and fiber coupled diode laser systems. The products deliver excellent beam quality and pointing stability from a compact self-contained package.


May 15, 2014, Carlsbad, CA – With an industry standard form factor of 70 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm, the products are capable of analog and high speed digital modulation. The unique design allows custom-tailored beam parameters, simplifying the overall optical system design for OEM applications.

The USB interface provides user access to key performance parameters and allows for full system control.  An optional external controller is available for end-users requiring turnkey operation.
Standard power and wavelengths for the 56- CRN series free space versions include > 200 mW at 405 nm,  > 80 mW at 445 nm, > 150 mW at 488 nm, > 60 mW at 515 nm, 100 mW at 642 nm.  Standard power and wavelengths for the fiber coupled 57-CFS and 57-CFP diode laser series include > 50 mW at 405, 488 and 642 nm, > 40 mW at 445 nm, and > 25 mW at 515 nm.

  • Power stability within /- 1%
  • Beam pointing stability better than /- 5 µrad
  • USB compatible
  • Optical noise less than 0.1% rms
  • Operating temperature range from 10 to 40 °C
  • High speed analog and digital modulation
  • Fiber coupled and free space versions