High Power QCW Green Fiber Lasers

Green fiber lasers offer unprecedented single-mode power in compact and efficient package

Green fiber laser 625x144

IPG Photonics GLPN-100 and GLPN-500green fiber lasers provide maximum average power of 500 W in a perfectly single-mode output beam. The GLPN green fiber lasers take advantage of the high repetition rate quasi continuous wave (QCW) operation mode to allow for a high-efficiency super compact optical head that does not require any cooling. The lasers are offered as either highly cost-effective compact OEM modules or end user friendly 19” rack-mounted consoles. The optical head is connected to a highly-efficient and reliable fiber amplifier, selfpioneered by IPG. The module or rack unit can be air- or water-cooled, depending on customer requirements. The result is a rugged, industrial-grade, high-power green fiber laser with unmatched performance and remarkable wall-plug efficiency.


  • Wavelength 532 nm       
  • Output Power up to 500 W         
  • Linear Polarization >100:1            
  • Pulse Duration 1.2 - 1.5 ns
  • Quasi-CW Repetition Rate 25 - 150 MHz
  • Excellent Beam Quality
  • Air or Water Cooled
  • OEM Module Package or End-user Rack Unit
  • Compact Rugged Design
  • Low Cost


GLPN-100 and GLPN -500 QCW single-mode green fiber lasers find use in a variety of applications from materials processing, scientific and advanced applications to entertainment and projection. They also open pathway to kilowatt-class multi-mode green lasers as well as high power solid-state UV lasers.

  • Welding and Cutting of Highly-reflective Metals
  • Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Wafer Annealing
  • Laser Shows
  • Laser Projectors              
  • Scientific and Advance Applications

This technology is used in high power RGB laser light sources such as 3P/6P Laser Luminaire light source designed by IPG for state-of-the-art cinema, theme park and other entertainment markets.


On Dec 5 2016, Disney transformedthe iconic Spaceship Earth globe at Epcot into the Death Star. Imagineers used lasers and other special effects as part of a promotion for the new movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. IPG’s GLPN-100 fiber green laser was used for this event.


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