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Knight Optical are not emitting we get excited about Fluorescence Imaging!

Fluorescence imaging is advancing our medical and scientific knowledge and helping break-through research.

Knight Optical help contribute to this fantastic application with our wide range of interference bandpass filters that aid excitation and emission.

Fluorophore is a dye that marks proteins, tissues and cells by absorbing the energy of a specific wavelength region which is within the excitation range and re-emitting that energy to another specific wavelength range, the emission range.

Knight Optical’s high quality and long lasting excitation and emission filters are available in wavelengths from 214nm to 2000nm. With an optical density of OD 4 across the range, it helps produce the best possible images from the faintest of signals from the fluorophore.

Our stock range are typically specified as follows:

Diameter & aperture (mm): 12.5mm ± 0.1 (8.5mm aperture)
25.0mm ± 0.1 (21mm aperture)
50.0mm ± 0.1 (46mm aperture)
Thickness (mm): <=6.1mm 0/-0.1
Blocking: <0.01% (OD4) @ 200nm to 1150nm (for filters with CWL less than 380nm)
<0.01% (OD5) @ 200nm to 1150nm (for filters with CWL between 380nm and 1064)
<0.01% (OD5) @ 200nm to 1850nm (for filters with CWL between 1080nm and 1640)
CWL tolerance (nm): ± 20% of FWHM
HBW tolerance (nm): ± 20% of FWHM
Optimum operating temperature: 23°C
Edge treatment: Mounted in black anodized aluminium ring
Edge marking format: In most cases {Knight Optical Part#} - {KOLTD} - arrow in direction of light path
Surface/ coating quality: 80/50 Per Mil-0-13830A
Usable temperature limits: -50°C to 80°C
Design type: Typical 3 cavity design
Assembly: All filters are scribed and hermetically sealed to ensure maximum long-term stability (information sheet on scribed interference filters)

All our Interference Bandpass Filters are fully inspected on their quality in our ISO 9001:2015 certified, state-ofthe- art Metrology laboratory, using our Varian Cary 6000 for precise transmission/blocking data, and Starrett AV300 video microscope for high accuracy diameter testing. This allows us to work to the highest QA standards and meet the tolerance specifications on these precision components.

Contact our technical sales team to discover how Knight Optical’s high quality Interference Bandpass Filters bring quality into focus.

UK, Europe, Asia & RoW: E-Mail Tel 44 (0)1622 859444
USA & Canada: E-Mail Tel 001 401-583-7846

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