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CARINAnav Smart Laser Control System

LAP LASER to display the new CARINAnav Smart Laser Control System at AAPM 2014 July 20th-23rd in Austin, Texas @ Booth #501.

The all new CARINAnav Smart Laser Control is the latest development in the CARINA line of LAP laser marking software and combines the convenience and portability of a tablet PC with the comprehensive features found in the CARINAiso and CARINAsim products. The CARINAnav runs on the Windows 8.1 OS platform and its wireless touchscreen GUI provides the user with an intuitive and convenient laser marking environment. Visit booth #501 at the AAPM meeting in Austin or for more information.


CARINAnav – Smart Laser Control
The portability of the CARINAnav Smart Control System is one of its greatest features. The tablet PC along with its docking station can be located and accessible from anywhere within the simulation suite. With its wireless BlueTooth™ Technology the CARINAnav allows for free use of the laser marking software at all convenient locations within the patient marking environment. The intuitive and functional GUI has the flexibility to meet the needs of any department and is capable of adapting to your individual workflow.

Access to patient data contained in LAP’s proprietary file format can be retrieved through the docking station’s wired or WiFi connection. DICOM isocenter import will be supported in CARINAnav version 1.1.


Designed for the Future

The CARINAnav comes pre-installed and runs on the current Windows 8.1 platform ensuring your department stays up to date with the most current technology. Full compatibility with all LAP’s simulation laser systems means the CARINAnav will grow with you as the demands of your department change. The CARINAnav is the perfect complement to the state of the art TAURUSblue remote controlled virtual simulation laser system but at the same time provides equal value to the standard workhorse DORADO Laser systems found in so many radiation therapy centers today.


Designed for Medical Safety

The CARINAnav’s 10” touch sensitive viewing screen is sealed and safe for use in a medical environment. Its medical grade exterior housing and power supply are UL 60601-1 3rd edition rated ensuring compliance to the most up to date medical safety standards. CARINAnav designed and developed by LAP, is manufactured to the highest quality standards. It is our continuous effort to maintain the highest level of quality and safety to meet our customer’s high expectations. LAP LASER is an ISO13485 and ISO9001 certified manufacturer. Please click on this link to request more information on the CARINAnav or any of the products offered by LAP LASER.

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