New Multi-Channel Scaler for Photon Counting Applications

ET Enterprises has introduced a new Multi-Channel Scaler/Counter-Timer, which is the MCS-CT3. When combined with a PC or Laptop via the USB 2.0 interface, the MCS-CT3 operates as a cost-effective, high performance pulse counting instrument.

New Multi-Channel Scaler for Photon Counting Applications

On its own, it can be used as laboratory rate-meter or, when used with an ETEL AD6 amplifier/discriminator and suitable detector, it becomes a wide-bandwidth photon counting system.

The MCS-CT3 is a compact electronics module which records pulse counts as a function of time and stores the counts in channels, each of which has a user-selectable time window. There is a choice of three software configurable counting modes: pre-set number of channels, pre-set total measurement period, or continuous measurements. Operation and data retrieval can be controlled from the supplied application software or from the users’ own or customised code. Measurements can also be controlled by an external trigger input, and there are two trigger outputs for control of associated hardware such as optical shutters. At the end of a measurement cycle the results are automatically saved to an MS Excel compatible file for subsequent analysis and/or export to other programs.

A labView virtual instrument application option is also provided.

ET Enterprises Limited (ETEL) is also a manufacturer of photomultipliers for a wide range of low-light-level applications and can supply complete photon counting systems.