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New products from Cobolt: 561 nm DPL, mini Q-switched lasers

Modulatable 561 nm & 532 nm DPLs, compact OEM Q-switched lasers and a new white paper on gas sensing.

Cobolt 06-DPL:
Modulation capability at 561 nm & 532 nm

Cobolt laser 1

We are proud to announce our long awaited modulated 06-DPL lasers are now on the market. At 532 nm and 561 nm, with up to 200 mW and modulatable up to 50 kHz, the whole range of

Cobolt 06-01 Series lasers are now modulatable. Making life easier for our life science customers! See the data sheet or contact us for more information: 06-DPL

Cobolt laser 2





Cobolt TorXS

Introducing a compact version of our unique Cobolt Tor Q-switched laser, the Cobolt Tor XS has >50 µJ pulse energy at up to 1 kHz at 1064 nm and is intended for OEM use in hand-held LIBS systems. If it sounds like it might be something for you, see our preliminary datasheet or contact us: Tor XS

White papers
Our latest white paper stars the Cobolt Odin Mid-IR source: Tunable, narrow bandwidth Mid-IR sources for trace gas analysis