The challenge of miniaturization in product development: LPTM 30 – shallower and narrower than a matchbox

The product portfolio of the OWIS GmbH is extended by the motorized linear precision table LPTM 30. The new positioning unit is characterized by advanced technologies at a very small size.

The load capacity is up to 4 kg. Thus, the LPTM 30 meets all requirements which are expected from miniaturized units.

The LPTM 30 is with its extremely small dimensions of 30 mm x 16 mm shallower and narrower than a matchbox. Thus, the positioning unit is particularly suitable to be used in machines and setups with limited space. With proven technologies such as recirculating ball bearing guide and fine-thread spindle a low-maintenance and cost-effective use is ensured.

The integrated recirculating ball bearings achieve very good results in positioning and
repeatability due to the low static and dynamic friction. The applied spindle with a pitch of 0.5 mm over a length of approximately 150 mm is developed using the latest manufacturing technologies. The combination of these two components results in a positioning unit that meets all customer requirements such as security, economy and quality.

The LPTM 30 is available with travel ranges of 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. With an overall height of 22 mm, a working height of 16 mm, a load capacity of up to 4 kg and the utilized technologies ball bearing guide and fine-thread spindle this positioning unit is unique.

Like all OWIS®products, also the motorized linear precision table LPTM 30 is „Made in Germany” and is having the accustomed highest OWIS® quality.

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