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The Manufacturer - OEM Relationship: Our commitment and policy promise

Laser Quantum has built its growing laser business by targeting its products to two distinct customer types: the researcher in a laboratory advancing scientific knowledge, and the OEM customer that integrates our laser into their technology.

The great variation and individuality in specification required by the research community and the repeatability and service required by the industrial customer could be a source of conflict; however, at Laser Quantum we have found that these two demands are the driving force behind our company. It is the excitement of product development that drives the future high volume lasers for industry with the quality expected by all users. 

Laser Quantum believes the relationship between a manufacturer and an OEM customer should go far beyond the buyer/supplier model. Of course it is important that the products involved are supplied at the right price, but other aspects of the business are equally as important; delivery patterns, product quality, lifetimes and service response and the general trust between employees on both sides.

We work closely with a number of well-known instrument manufacturers, and for each one we have tailored our product offering and our processes to meet their requirements. Every OEM has a single contact point at Laser Quantum who is responsible for understanding the complete process from the technical specifications of the laser, the buying/delivery model used and the aims and demands of the OEM’s customers. Behind that contact however, is a cross functional team that are constantly reviewing our performance, from order management, logistics, sales, product management to technical/service support, the entire team is involved and know the aims and goals of our customer.

Laser Quantum however, is keen to take this one step further. Our commitment to an OEM customer does not just cover the products we are supplying now, but also the products we will be supplying in 1, 2 or 5 years’ time. This direct alignment and cooperation between R&D departments allow us to define long term aims and possibilities for product development. This relationship prevents us as a laser manufacturer designing a new laser that is unsuitable and the instrument company designing a product that demands a laser which cannot be built in time. Furthermore, by working together to define specifications jointly from the outset, we are better placed to source components at lower cost and have a completed product available in time for the launch of the new instrument.

We work also with OEM customers to identify cost reduction opportunities; our lean team looks at all aspects of the product and supply chain for areas where cost can be reduced or eliminated. Whether it be economies of scale in raw materials, ordering patterns or packaging, together we aim to reduce costs and make savings across the board to benefit our customer.

The end goal of any OEM-Supplier relationship is a mutual-dependency on the success of the end product, and trust in the commitment of both parties to all aspects of that relationship.

Our commitment and services to our OEM customers continues to expand and we are always ready to listen, learn and offer new capabilities to strengthen any relationship.

If your technology uses integrated lasers and you would like to discuss how we can help improve the competitiveness of your products, please contact us.

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