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Zaber's New Motorized Filter Wheels with Built-in Controllers and Motor Encoders

Zaber’s new filter wheel (X-FWR-E) has a built-in controller, a low-profile, high speed filter changes of 57 ms, and holds 7 or 10 optics.

Each filter wheel is sold with one included filter holder, either 10 x 25 mm filter positions or 7 x 32 mm filter positions. The optional built-in motor encoder allows closed-loop operation andslip/stall recovery features.

Zaber filter wheel

Like all of Zaber’s products, the filter wheel is able to daisy-chain data with other Zaber devices, and it can share a single power supply with up to three other X-Series products. Versions without the built-in motor encoder (X-FWR) are also available.

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