PCO Group was founded in 1987. The company headquarters in Kelheim (Germany) employs more than 70 specialists in the development and production of optimized, sensitive camera systems for scientific and industrial applications. PCO’s range of products includes digital camera systems featuring high dynamics, extremely high sensitivity, high resolution, high speed, and extremely low noise, which are sold all over the world.


  • PCO AG, Donaupark 11, 93309 Kelheim, Germany
  • fon 49 (0)9441 2005 50 
  • fax 49 (0)9441 2005 20
  • info@pco.de
  • www.pco.de




What’s new

  • PCO Group STS-135 Last Space Shuttle start in slow motion

    STS-135 Last Space Shuttle start in slow motion

    Videos | 19 Jun 2014

    The last space shuttle start July 2011 was recorded with 2x pco.dimax cameras at 200 frames/s at full resolution (2016 x 2016 pixel) by NASA. The video clip shows the sequence of one of the cameras at different display speeds: 200 frames/s - 25 frames/s - 100 frames/s.

  • PCO Group Sea Eagle in slow motion

    Sea-Eagle – in slow motion

    Videos | 19 Jun 2014

    A Sea-Eagle from a falconry starts, flies and lands in Slow motion. The sequences were filmed by Norbert Porta from Science Docu, www.sciencedocu.de, with a pco.dimax at 1000 frames/s in 2016 x 2016 pixel resolution. A Full HD extract is shown at various display speeds from 25 - 100 images/s.

  • PCO Group Magic Drops in Slow Motion 4

    Magic Drops in Slow Motion 4

    Videos | 19 Jun 2014

    Rainer Bergomaz (Blue Paw Artists) and Daniel Nimmervoll (www.nimmervoll.org) have recorded more nice sequences of falling and jumping drops in slow motion with a pco.dimax HD highspeed camera.  Enjoy the liquid beauty of drops…

  • pco.edge ultraviolet

    pco.edge ultraviolet

    Products | 19 Jun 2014

    New pco.ultraviolet raises the bar for spectral imaging cameras.

  • pco.edge gold with deep cooling

    pco.edge gold 5.5

    Products | 19 Jun 2014

    pco.edge gold 5.5: new sCMOS camera system with deep cooling.

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